Power 2000™ Vacuum  

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Power 2000™ Vacuum
Powerful Professional deodorant

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POWER 2000™ 


This professional bactericidal action deodorant is made up of 84% entirely natural and biodegradable cellulose medium and 16% perfume. It efficiently absorbs and eliminates all bad smells through its bactericidal action, leaving rooms freshly scented after cleaning. The perfume quickly dissipates to leave a neutral smell. Its bactericidal action reduces the growth of the bacteria which can cause infections and bad odours in the air. 

This product is aimed at professional cleaners, hotels and the general public.

There is no “sell-by” date for as long as the bag remains unopened.

Recorded under the new safety requirements by the Federal Office of the Public Health Switzerland CHZB0234, also valid in the EC European Community.


The grains are spread out across the floor, then immediately sucked up either into a new vacuum cleaner bag or into its bin. A 30–gram dose is enough to cover the life of the vacuum cleaner bag. It can be used at any time, and all you have to do is use the vacuum cleaner for a few minutes to purify the air in the room, leaving a pleasant fresh scent which efficiently neutralises and absorbs all bad smells.

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